Electric power is the collection of forces, properties, and characteristics related to the motion and existence of moving matter which has a charge of positive electrical charge. Electric power is also related to magnetism, since both are part of the phenomenon known as the electromagnetic field, which is described by the equations of Maxwell’s laws. Electromagnetic fields have been found to have a strong attraction and repulsion with one another.

Electric power is used to transfer energy from one place to another. It is used for various purposes including the movement of electrical currents from one point to another in large industrial plants, electrical appliances, computers, medical equipment, motor vehicles, and many more. Electric power is needed in such machines to produce electrical current and in turn this is used to generate electricity to run these machines. This energy can be produced through either wind or water power. Wind energy is mostly used for producing electricity in wind turbines and water turbines are mainly used for generating electricity for industrial use.

The electric power is produced through the conversion of kinetic energy of a moving object into electrical energy via an alternating current (AC). The energy is then transferred from the generator to the earth via a conductor.

There are different forms of electric energy available in the market. There is direct current (DC), alternating current (AC) and alternating magnetic energy (EME) which is derived form a magnetic power generator. All three forms of power are widely used in different places. One of the popular uses of AC energy is to create electric power for the purpose of lighting homes. A very powerful magnetic generator known as magnetohydrodynamic generator produces a high amount of electrical energy which is useful in generating electrical current and in turn generates electricity to run homes.

The magnetic power generator is basically a magnetic coil which attracts to itself magnetic force which in turn produces electric current. Due to the fact that it contains an opposite and equal magnetic force at all points, this force is converted into electricity.

Another kind of power is known as the power derived from water. This energy is used to power motor driven equipment and in the production of hydrogen for fuel cell.

There are many other types of energy which are being used in the market for the purpose of generating electricity. Some of the other types of energy include heat energy, kinetic energy and heat energy conversion, electrical power from the air, the sun and wind, radioactive power, electrical power from nuclear energy etc.

There are some advantages of Power Electric. Most of the times it is cheaper than the other forms of energy. It is easy to produce, is reliable, and it produces a consistent level of power. Moreover, it produces clean, odor free and green power which helps to preserve the environment.