Kenmore Washer Belt Repair is a simple process that anyone can do at home, in the comfort of their own home. You don’t have to call an expensive garage repair company because it’s a simple job that anyone can perform at home. You don’t have to spend money on a new washer or dryer either. These small repairs to your Kenmore Washer Belt are a quick and easy fix and are extremely affordable. They will keep your Washer Belt running smoothly and safely for many years to come.

Kenmore Washer Belt Repair

Your Washer Belt is made of a rubber compound called polyurethane which provides the friction between your belt and your washer when you wash them. The problem with your belt is that it wears out as the years go by. This means that it is slowly wearing out and will need to be replaced soon.

The belts that are made of rubber have a life expectancy of around fifty years. The Kenmore Washer Belt repair that is used will allow you to replace these belts with a new one for up to seventy-five years if you follow the instructions carefully.

When you first begin the repair process, you will need to start with cleaning your Washer. You will need to empty the drum of the detergent and rinse it. Once you have finished cleaning your washer, you should use two tablespoons of dish soap mixed with two tablespoons of hot water.

Add this mixture to the washer drum and then run hot water through it, which will cause the soap to stick to the drum and the clothes inside. This will be your start of the repair.

After you have completed this step, you will want to turn off the dryer setting. Now you should clean the dryer hoses and remove any grime. Once you have done this, you will want to remove the washer hose and the washer belt assembly. You should also take note of any type of dirt that may have stuck to your Washer Belt.

Next, you will want to place your Washer Hoses in your hands. You will want to wipe them down using a rag or sponge that has been dipped in detergent. If any dirt sticks to your rag or sponge, you will need to remove it before you continue.

Clean the inside of the Washer Hoses using a wet cloth. If any dirt is left, you will want to remove it so that the replacement belt can be cleaned. For cleaning your replacement belt, you will want to wipe it down again with a wet cloth and a little detergent, before replacing it.

Once you have completed the repair, your Washer Belt will look brand new for years to come. And when you decide to buy a new Washer Belt, you will be able to use it for several more years.