Audi Key Replacement is quite a tedious process, especially if you are an owner of an Audi model. However, with the advent of a number of new technologies, Audi key replacement is now faster than ever before. This means that you don’t have to go to the dealerships anymore to get your replacement keys. The best part about this is that most of the OEM Audi parts can be found online.

The first step in an Audi key replacement is to remove the key itself. To do this, take the key off from its place. There are also some Audi models which cannot be programmed through a standard key chip.

Then you will need to unscrew the trim around the key. As with all OEM keys, this should come apart easily. After doing this, remove the trim shield. You will then need to remove the key from the ignition.

Now, remove the cover around the car key. It is easy to see which car keys you are missing from your car. Once this is done, take out the new one. The old one will have a metal strip inside which has a nut and bolt.

Install the new one over the old one. Slide the nut and bolt into place and press it together. Secure it firmly and put the cover back on. You can now use the screws provided to fasten the nut and bolt in place.

The new replacement should be installed by using the provided screws. The Audi key installation guide will tell you how to do this properly. You may also need to read the instructions provided by the manufacturer so that you can properly install your new one.

After this, you should test the function of the new one by turning the ignition key all the way to the “off” position. If the new one is still in good working condition, the ignition should start, but if not, you will need to replace it. There are times where the ignition will either start or not start.

Now, you can now install your new key and test it. If it works, you are done! If not, you need to change the screws on the nuts on the car key to make the nuts to secure the new one in place.

If everything was done correctly, the new key should be ready to be installed. Just ensure that you have the right screw and nut used in order for it to fit correctly.