The classic, ancient, mystical pleasures of 3D crystal puzzles, the dark, beautiful affairs that move and twist your head in strange ways, has long been a source of fascination for the minds of men, women, and children alike. Now, with the latest, most creative crafters having difficulty creating the complex designs that so often appear in these magical solitaires, there is an opportunity to add the magical magic of crystal-engraved items to your home as well

You can now purchase a beautifully packaged DVD that contains the crystal-engraved designs of all the popular and most popular crystal puzzles, as well as a book that contains all of the patterns for the patterns. The DVD and book are full of amazing artwork. You will find that these patterns will be perfect for placing your own personal touch on the different types of puzzles that you might enjoy at home, such as the classic Rubik’s Cube, or the more modern “jumbled” pegged” styles.

The DVD and book come in a deluxe edition and contain over 100 pieces of crystal-engraved artwork. These designs will vary greatly from the smaller, more common patterns found on a typical crystal puzzle, and the patterns are extremely unique and individualized. You can use this book and DVD to personalize your home and also use them to show off your favorite crystal puzzles to friends, family, and colleagues. This product not only allows you to put your personal touch on your home, but it also provides you with an opportunity to showcase some of the most exquisite crystal-engraved jewelry.

The DVD and book also feature a multitude of easy-to-use video tutorials for the crystal-engraving process, and it shows you how to properly mount each piece of crystal for each puzzle you place in the puzzle. The videos walk you through the entire process, showing you exactly where the piece goes to properly mount to the puzzle, and how to make sure it is firmly attached

The DVDs and books also contain beautiful art for your enjoyment, whether you are creating your very first crystal puzzle or simply want to display your favorite crystal puzzles in your home. You can view all of the artwork available on the DVDs and purchase them individually or buy them as a set in case you decide that you want to display a larger collection of puzzles in your home as well

In addition to the crystal-engraving DVD and book, you will find that there are also a book and CD with many of the best-selling puzzles on the market today market. Each of the puzzles included in the book and CD are unique, detailed, and beautiful.